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Cagliari Airport

Cagliari-Elmas Airfield (IATA: CAG, ICAO: LIEE) is an Italian airport located approximately 6 kilometers northwest of Cagliari, along State Route 130, in the direction of the town of Elmas. It looks out over Cagliari’s pond, which is part of the Sardinian capital’s metropolitan region.

The facility, which is named after Lieutenant Mario Mameli, has an asphalt runway that is 2804 meters long and 45 meters wide, is 3 meters above sea level, and is oriented RWY 14-32. The main radio frequencies for the tower and the ground are 120.605 or 122.100 MHz for the tower and 125.430 MHz for the ground.

[1] The main taxiway “A” (alpha) runs parallel to the runway and is roughly 2400 meters long. It was formerly used as an auxiliary runway with the configuration 14L/32R while the runway was being rebuilt.

SOGAER S.p.a. manages the Cagliari airport, which is open 24 hours a day for general aviation and commercial operations. The latter is home to the island’s biggest number of transit passengers and movements.

For several years, the airport has served as an operating base for Ryanair, and as of the end of May 2019, it will also serve as an operational base for the Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea; before, it served as an operational base for Meridiana.

Transportation to and from the airport

Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital, is approximately 7 kilometers distant from the airport. Cagliari airport is readily and quickly accessible from all sections of the island due to short distances and effective transportation links.
In a car

Cagliari airport is located 7 kilometers from downtown; take the S.S.130 from the city center or the S.S. 554 from other areas of the city and the surrounding area. The S.S. 554 can also be reached by merging from the Asse Mediano di Scorrimento (A.M.S.)

From Sassari/Nuoro/Oristano, use the S.S.131 southward towards Cagliari to reach Cagliari Airport. Once on the S.S.130, look for the ‘Aeroporto Elmas’ signage.

From Olbia, take the S.S.131bis southward until it merges with the S.S.131 at Cagliari. Continue south towards Cagliari, then join onto the S.S.130, keeping an eye out for the ‘Aeroporto Elmas’ signs. Another alternative is to travel south on the S.S.125 towards Cagliari. Turn off the S.S.554 at Quartucciu and onto the S.S.130, then follow the ‘Aeroporto Elmas’ signs.

From the South-Western Coastal Road, take the S.S.195 towards Cagliari, then turn right onto the S.S.130 and follow the signs to the ‘Aeroporto Elmas.’

Take the S.P. 17 between Villasimius and Cagliari; a few kilometers from the city center, turn left onto the S.S.554 and then right onto the S.S.130, following the ‘Aeroporto Elmas’ signage.


The new ‘Elmas Aeroporto’ railway station, which opened on June 9th 2013, makes the airport conveniently accessible by train from Cagliari and all important Sardinian cities. With an average frequency of 20 minutes, the rail service begins around 5 a.m. and concludes after 9 p.m. The trip to and from the city center takes 5-7 minutes, and the single cost is 1.30 euro. Trenitalia sells tickets from vending machines (both in the airport’s arrivals area and within the railway station), online, and at official ticket counters and authorized dealers.

Traveling by rail from and to any major Sardinian destination is now possible and environmentally efficient, thanks to the airport train station, which is only a 5-minute walk from the air terminal. Please call Trenitalia at the Italian toll number 89 20 21 or visit the Trenitalia website for further information on schedules, rates, and other details.


Taxis are the simplest and quickest method to go to the airport from the city or the hinterland (and vice versa). The minimum fee for a daytime travel by the cagliari airport taxi to the city center is € 17.