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Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport (IATA: CIA, ICAO: LIRA) is a joint civilian, commercial and military airport near Rome in Italy. The airport is situated 6.5 km of central Rome, just outside the Greater Ring Road

Ciampino Airport was opened in 1916 and is one of the oldest airports still in operation. It was Rome’s main airport until 1960, with traffic amounting to over 2 million passengers per year.

After decades of stagnation in scheduled traffic, low-cost carriers have boosted Ciampino it is now one of the busiest and fastest growing airports in Italy.

Rome-Ciampino International Airport ‘is an airport facility, named after Giovan Battista Pastine, located in the southeast of Rome, just beyond the Great Anular Rest, which falls 3/4 in the territory of Rome Capital (Z. XX) and 1/4 in the territory of the municipality of Ciampino (formerly the municipality of Marino). The latter part is situated at a military airport.

The airport, which in 2017 reached more than 5 885 812 passengers, is mainly of civil type and is managed by the Rome Airport company (AdR), together with the Leonardo da Vinci intercontinental airport in Fiumicino, which forms the Rome airport system with more than 46,8 million passengers in 20 17.

It is an international airport that absorbs most of the traffic from low-cost airlines to certain destinations outside Europe (Morocco) and to major European cities. The Enac Ordinance 14/2007 – which was also issued following the requests of the municipality of Ciampino and the former tenth municipality of Rome (now VII Municipal) to reduce noise pollution in the area – limits the maximum number of daily aircraft movements for the airport to 100.

It is also the main base of the CL-415 National Civil Protection fleet of fire-fighting aircraft and is accessed from the SS7 via Appia.

Ciampino airport was created in 1916 as a building site for airships, in a location considered suitable mainly because it was ‘not exposed to the great winds’ and because of the usability of two road infrastructure: the third railway station of Lazio[3] and the Appia Nova route.

Its proximity to Rome itself has, in this respect, greatly helped it in its development, since many have in the past been regarded as the ‘true’ airport of Rome. Rome-Ciampino airport in 1916 is used by the Regia Marina to administer its aircrafts intended to protect the traffic of the Tyrrhenian region. Apart from a series of explorations carried out on the high seas, on 1 November 1917, only half of the route will be provided with a spare service for the three – week postal service which operated the connections with Sardinia. As of 1 January 1923, the operational work of the 1ST Air Observation Group (1ST flight group) begins. In 1924, with the advent of the Aeronautical Queen, the airport went down into the airfield of Ciampino and the airfield of Fioran, the first one in the north-west of the road from the train station crossing the Appian Way to the Madonna of Divine Love, the second one on the other side of the road.

Ciampino airport was classified as Category 1 airport, where the headquarters of the Group of Airships, the Center of Airships and four airships were located. From here, on 10 April 1926, the Norge airship for the cross – border flight Rome – Alaska, under the command of General Umberto noble, departed.

The Norge airship departing in Ciampino.

The first helicopter flight to Ciampino

From 1924 to 1939, he was on the field on the 20th Recon Storm. On 1 December 1926, the “P” department was set up in the cabinet of the minister for the transport of high – ranking personalities. In 1928, with the radiation of airships, the aerobal of Northern Ciampino was transformed into a bomb-making unit. In the period between

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In November 2007, it was decided that Rome Viterbo Airport will become Rome’s third commercial airport.


Rome Ciampino Airport
G B Pastine-Ciampino
Via Appia Nuova
I-00040 Rome Ciampino

Telephone, fax, email

Telephone: +39(0)6 6595 1
Fax: +39(0)6 6595 5707

Airport Codes

IATA airport code: CIA
ICAO airport code: LIRA

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