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Prague Airport

Václava Havla Prague or Prague Ruzyně International Airport (IATA: PRG, ICAO: LKPR) is a public international airport located on the north-west edge of Prague, in the urban part of Prague 6, the cadastral territory of Ruzyně, near Prieževsi. The airport is intended for international and national, scheduled and non-scheduled operations. Czech Airlines, Smartwings and Ryanair have an air base here. The airport operator is Prague Airport, a. s. headed by a four-member board of directors chaired by Václav Řhoř.

Prague Airport

In 2019, prague airport it handled a record-breaking 17.8 million passengers with more than 154 thousand take-offs/landings.From Prague it flies to a number of destinations around the world, including Asia, Africa or North America. This is the largest and largest. More busier airport in the Czech Republic.

Prague airport Terminals


Terminal Sever – Airport at dusk

The airport contains three pairs of terminals, broken down by type of transport, into regular passenger services (northern), cargo and individual and special services (southern).

Facilities: Prague airport taxi

The new airport is known as Terminal Sever.

T1 (formerly North 1) serves flights outside the Schengen area

T2 (formerly North 2) is used for flights within the Schengen area. 1. September 2005 was officially open, 2. September 2005 was partly made available to the public and fully accessible in January 2006. This increased the number of bridges from 17 to 27, and the airport’s capacity (in terms of passenger handling) increased by 30 %. Investments in the new terminal amounted to CZK 9 billion. The area of the northern terminal is served by the streets of Aviatic and Schengen. The new road between terminals 1 and 2 facilitates car transport. The individual terminals include express car parks P1 and P2, MHD stops and shuttle services, taxis stations, and a number of other car parks and parking houses, hotel, business-administrative buildings, including the Czech Aeroholding administrative building, etc.

For these terminals, the main apron north is also equipped with 17 state tunnels for direct boarding. Next door is a cargo terminal with Apron Cargo 1 and Apron Cargo 2 check-in areas.

Skyport – Cargo terminal 1

North-east of the north terminal, near Lagler Street, is the cargo zone, which consists of three cargo terminals:

Menzies Aviation — Cargo 2
Skyport – Cargo 1

Among them is a smaller building in the Border Veterinary Inspection Unit of the Municipal Veterinary Administration in Prague. On the western edge of the cargo zone was the gastro-centre of Gastro-Hroch, which provided both air and ground catering to a number of major companies. However, the company failed years ago. Since October 2018, the building has been converted into a third cargo terminal operated by Enes Cargo.[source?]